Parish Hall EnquiriesEntchêtes à la Salle Pârouaîssiale

The Parish Hall Enquiry allows a Centenier to investigate a reported incident to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to justify a charge and, if so, whether the public interest requires a prosecution or whether the matter can be dealt with in some other way at the Enquiry.

The Attorney General has issued a code of directions on the conduct of Parish Hall enquiries.

The Centenier is empowered, by law, to:-

  1. Take no further action where a case is unsubstantiated
  2. Dismiss or issue advice where the offence is minor
  3. Issue a formal caution where a minor offence is admitted
  4. Impose a fine of up to £200 in specified cases where the offence is admitted
  5. Charge a person with an offence for trial at the Magistrate’s Court where
    1. the offence is not admitted but the Centenier believes that there is a case to answer, or
    2. the offence is admitted but the nature of the offence or the offender’s record makes it unsuitable for disposal at the Parish Hall Enquiry.
  • If you have only been requested to attend then you do not have to attend but the Centenier may decide to summons you to attend Court. If you have been bailed to attend a Parish Hall Enquiry then you must attend.

  • The Centenier may only issue a caution or fine if you admit the offence and accept the proposed penalty. You may, at any time, choose to go before the Magistrate’s Court.

The Probation and After-Care Service has information relating to the Parish Hall Enquiry.