Refuse CollectionRamâss’sie d’Salop’thies

Refuse Collections

Our Refuse collection has one man per vehicle. In view of this the service may start earlier and end later therefore please ensure your bins are left out the night before collection in a place where the bins are accessible on the roadside.

Household Refuse collections are organised by the Parishes and full details are listed in the Parish Services page on this website. Household Refuse must be stored in suitable bins or receptacles and must not be left in plastic sacks or boxes. Scavengers such as seagulls and rodents easily rip the plastic bags and any refuse spread by birds/animals will be the responsibility of the householder. Your refuse collector may refuse to collect plastic sacks.

Do not dispose of liquids such as cooking oil, paint etc, in your household refuse. These can leak onto the road and cause dangerous conditions for road users. For details on the disposal of oils, paints etc please contact the Department for Infrastructure on 01534 445509.

An increasing number of items may now be recycled at collection points around the Island. In some areas, separated goods such as newspapers, tins etc are collected for recycling at the same time as the usual household refuse – please check with your Parish for details of the service available in your area.

Garden refuse will not be collected and should be disposed of at the Department of Infrastructure’s Green Waste Site at La Collette. (see for opening times).

Glass jars and bottles must be rinsed, lids must be removed and all glass kept separate from household refuse. Some Parishes have a household glass collection whilst others have collection bins at specific locations within the Parish for parishioners to deposit their glass jars and bottles. Glass put out for collection should be in dustbins or similar containers that can be emptied directly into the collection vehicle. Your refuse collector may refuse to collect glass that is not properly sorted and cleaned. Do not mix the following with glass jars and bottles –

  • metals, ceramics or sharps
  • carrier bags or other household refuse
  • fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps and UV lamps (see website for specialist disposal advice)
  • window frames, rubber seals and metal fixings
  • building materials or rubble

Your adherence to these requirements will assist the Department for Infrastructure to recycle all the glass collected throughout the Island.

Refuse Collection Days


Five Mile Road, Val De La Mare, School Estate, The Garth, Rue Des Niemes to Patchways, ville de L’Eglise, Rue de La Presse, Clos du Champs and Olivet.


La Houge, Main Road, Rue des Sapins, Ville du Bocage, La Grande Piece, Rue des Fosses, Rue de la Hague, Oak Walk, Mont Fallu, Rue des Vignes, Rue des Landes, Old Beaumont Hill and Clos de Bauche.


Airport, Saut Falluet, Le Cappelains, Les Louannes, St Peters Valley area, Coin Varin, Les Augerez.


Top of Old Beaumont, Sandybrook, Les Grupieaux, Beaumont, Mont des Vignes, Route de la Haule to Cannon and L’Hermitage Gardens.