St Peter offer a kerbside recycling scheme. Please see the leaflet at the bottom for full information for dates and details of the bins that are being provided.

For any queries, our contractor’s website is [email protected].

The island’s household Recycling Centre is located at La Collette where a wide range of materials are collected for recycling. Key household waste materials such as paper, plastic bottles, cans and textiles can be recycled using the recycling bins’ or ‘bring banks’ situated across the island. The Department for Infrastructure’s website provides details of all the recycling facilities and sites (see

Glass Collection Days

Second Friday of Every Month

All Augerez area, Coin Varin, Grande Vingtaine Area, Val de la Mar, Jubilee, Ville D’eglise, Ville du Bocage, St Peters Main Road, Rue de Sapin, St Peters Valley area, Clos du Champs ,Olivet and Parish Hall (Rue des Fosses).

First Friday of Every Month

Vingtaine St Nicolas, Vingtaine Douet, Rue de Fontaine, Les Grupieaux,Sandybrook area, Bottom of Beaumont, Mont des Vignes, Rue des Vignes, Saut Falluet amd L’Hermitage Gardens.