FireworksFeurs d’Artifice

The Explosives (Jersey) Law 1970 regulates the importation, manufacture, storage, use, conveyance, sale, purchase, transfer, acquisition and possession of explosives.

If you wish to sell fireworks by retail you must have a licence granted by the Connétable of the Parish in which the place from which the fireworks are to be sold is situated.

The licence costs £15, is valid for one year expiring on 31 December and is subject to certain conditions (set out on the application form). In particular, the retail sale of fireworks is only permitted for a limited period (Friday 27 October to Sunday 5 November 2023 inclusive) and the sale of certain types of fireworks is prohibited.

UPDATE 3/11/2023 due to the recent exceptional weather conditions which have affected the holding of bonfire displays, the retail sales date has been extended to Saturday 11 November 2023.