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Parish Assembly 26 January 2022 at 7pm

An Assembly of Principals and Electors of the Parish of St. Peter will be held in the Parish Hall on Wednesday 26 January 2022, at 7.00pm to:

  1. Receive, and if deemed advisable, approve the Act of the Parish Assembly held on Tuesday 23 November 2021.
  • Elect a Vingtenier, for Vingtaine des St Nicolas, for a period of three years
  • Take into consideration the following recommendation to the Assembly of Governor, Bailiff and Jurats of licences for the year 2022, an assembly for:

      Company        Sandpiper CI Retail Limited

      Category         6th (Off licence) Amendment to remove restriction on current licence

Business          Iceland

                        Rue de L’Eglise

                        St Peter

  • Consider and if approved authorise the expenditure of up to £10,000 on legal and professional fees to review and advise on matters relating to the financing of the Parish development at Clos de la Ruez